In Spring, you can inject your custom object to the controller methods like this

Here are the steps of this implementation.

In my sample project I have ClientRequest object which contains incoming request related variables.

These variables are basically taken from the HttpServletRequest object. So we could inject HttpServletRequest instead of ClientRequest and would generate the same content, but that’s not the point. In your project, you may need custom objects which would need additional object dependencies or you may want to centralize the object creation algorithm instead of repeating it in every controller method.

Next, we implement ClientRequestArgumentResolver which implements HandlerMethodArgumentResolver.

ClientRequest object is created in the resolveArgument(...) method.

All we have to do is add a new Configuration class to our project and add this ArgumentResolver to Spring’s argumentResolvers List.

Now we can inject ClientRequest to our controller methods.

You can check the sample project in my github.
And the objects are
Controller is here.

The data is displayed in this html file.

Run the app and open the page http://localhost:8080/request

Have fun!.